Facial Trauma Reconstruction

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are trained, skilled and uniquely qualified to manage and treat all aspects facial trauma, including emergency care and acute treatment, as well as long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Facial Injuries may Include the Following Conditions

  • Facial lacerations
  • Intra oral lacerations
  • Avulsed (knocked out) teeth
  • Fractured facial bones (cheek, nose or eye socket)
  • Fractured jaws (upper and lower jaw)

What are the main reasons for facial trauma reconstruction besides aesthetics?

There are a number of serious health and dental concerns that can arise from facial trauma, including issues with respiration, speech and swallowing.

What does correcting facial trauma involve?

Fractured or broken bones can be held firmly together by either wiring or the insertion of small plates and screws. Soft tissue lacerations will be treated immediately with sutures (stitching).

If a tooth has been cleanly knocked from the mouth, it may still be possible to reinsert it. If reinsertion is not possible a prosthetic tooth may be inserted in order to restore functionality and aesthetic appearance.

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